THERMOS Training & Capacity Building Presentations

  1. Webinar 1: Energy mapping and modelling with THERMOS
  2. Webinar 2: Embedding THERMOS in your city
  3. Webinar 3: Optimising thermal planning with THERMOS

Watch webinar recordings on our THERMOS YouTube channel here.

THERMOS Baseline Replication Assessment Report

Download the THERMOS Baseline Replication Assessment Report, mapping out and assessing the national and local framework conditions for a successful adoption of the THERMOS software model in THERMOS cities.

Full report in pdf here. For chapters on individual cities visit our city profiles here

THERMOS Train the Trainer & Capacity Building Modules

The THERMOS training and capacity building modules available for download are designed not only to enhance knowledge on district heating, thermal energy, financing and stakeholder involvement but also to enable experts to train others on these topics.

The tools are also available in the following languages: ES  LV  RO  PT  PL  DE DK

Discover the tools below:

  1. Module 0: Introduction
  2. Module 1: Thermal energy supply and demand in Europe
  3. Module 2: Energy System Mapping and Modelling with THERMOS
  4. Module 3: Embedding THERMOS in your City
  5. Module 4: Optimising thermal planning, resources and technologies with THERMOS
  6. Module 5: Heating and cooling market and finance
  7. Module 6: Stakeholders involvement for adopting THERMOS

For more on THERMOS training and capacity building and how to become a THERMOS trainer or Ambassador contact

THERMOS software brochure

Also available in the following languages: DA  ES  LV  RO  PL  PT  DE  CA

THERMOS Innovation Catalogue

Download the full Innovation Catalogue with all 14 case studies as a pdf in EN here.

Skim through a teaser with a selection of cases below.


Academic publications

X. Zhang, G. Strbac, N. Shah, F. Teng and D. Pudjianto, "Whole-System Assessment of the Benefits of Integrated Electricity and Heat System," in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 1132-1145, Jan. 2019.

K. Kuriyan and N. Shah, "A  combined  spatial  and  technological  model  for  the  planning  of 
district energy systems
," in International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management, vol. 21, pp.111-131, 2019.


THERMOS Leaflet (pdf) - Leaflet small

Also available in the following languages: DA  ES  LV  RO  PL  PT DE


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