What is THERMOS?

THERMOS is a free, web-based energy planning software that provides accurate heat and cold network options analysis instantly within one web-based, user-friendly tool. Developed by the THERMOS EU-funded project, the software is designed to optimise local district energy network planning processes and sustainable energy master planning to facilitate the deployment of new low-carbon heating and cooling systems and a fast upgrade, refurbishment, and expansion of existing systems.

Whereas traditional heat and cold network planning is lengthy, tedious, complex, resource and time intensive and often suboptimal in both process and result, THERMOS is identifying place-based, user specific optimal network solutions for any given area within minutes.

Through precise high-resolution address-level mapping and built-in energy demand estimations THERMOS allows for instant:

  1. Identification of optimal paths and connections for the expansion of an existing DHC network.
  2. Identification of local heat demand and network paths to match a known energy source.
  3. Identification of an optimal network solution to match available energy sources and demand.
  4. Performance assessment of potential DHC networks and a non-DHC solutions.

The optimal THERMOS solution is defined according to criteria chosen by the user and the specified thermal energy planning problem, such as costs, emission reduction targets, type of technology, required connections or sources.

For this THERMOS draws on state-of-the-art machine-learning modelling methodologies and algorithms, as well as years of real life thermal network planning and implementation experience of its developers.

Why become a THERMOS user?

Because it makes a complicated planning process much more simple, precise, time & cost effective.

Whether through OpenStreetMap or user GIS data, THERMOS enables planners to identify their optimal solution anywhere in the world and requires only minimal planning experience to significantly advance local pre-feasibility planning.

Efficient & Flexible: THERMOS allows automatising thermal energy demand mapping and identifying the most profitable or least-cost way of providing thermal energy to a set of buildings. Cases to be analysed are straightforward and quick to define, adjust, repeat and results simple to share.

Standardised, Accurate & Rigorous: One model is used across different problems (locations, energy supply mixes, network flow/return temperatures, plant efficiencies, tariffs, etc) allowing comparison between results; detailed representation of the problem is possible in an optimisation model, instead of a set of manually applied heuristics (spatial or linear density, plot ratio etc) ones without any attempt to optimize.

Transparent, Lean & Free: The THERMOS code is open-source and based on a fully documented modelling method. All stages of the analysis are provided in a single web-based application, facilitating openness and sharing of work between consultants, technicians, their clients, and other stakeholders.

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