What is the THERMOS software?

THERMOS is a web-based software designed to optimise local district energy network planning processes and results according to user and project specific requirements such as budget, climate and energy targets.

Free to use and built with and for local energy planners, THERMOS places instant address-level mapping and built-in energy demand estimations within immediate reach.

Get started below with planning the optimal expansion of existing networks, the planning of an entirely new systems, or comparing different network and non-network solutions.

Where to access it?

Explore the THERMOS software instantly directly in your browser by clicking here.

How to apply it?

Watch the demo video below for guidance of your first steps in exploring the tool.

A detailed step-by-step guide and in detail information about the tool, its underlying methodologies and a applications can be found on our Training and Publication pages.

THERMOS software features

THERMOS features include:

  • a network optimisation model to optimise supply for identifying a cost-optimal (or near-optimal) network design by allowing users to e.g. take into account energy output or cost over time through varying demand profiles and different tariffs;
  • OpenStreetMap for quick and easy map creation and analysis or the possibility to upload own GIS data;
  • heat and cold map creation tool;
  • demand estimation method operating with limited data inputs in any location;
  • representation of variable pipe and dig costs (by pipe diameter), and network heat losses to the ground;
  • incorporation of capital costs for plant, pipes and connection, set against revenues from heat sales and monetised emissions;
  • interoperability with GIS formats, for model results and heat map export;
  • nearly comprehensive documentation of data requirements and model operation.