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THERMOS Training

Would you like to become an expert THERMOS software user conducting optimised heating and cooling planning more cost- and time effectively? Explore our Training materials below guiding you from taking your first steps with the software to adopting THERMOS professionally.

The materials have been developed, updated and improved over the course of four training programmes to enable you to evaluate and identify your optimal solution for the upgrade, refurbishment and expansion of an existing heating and cooling network or the development of new low-carbon ones within minutes.

By following and completing the steps below you will be able to confidently:

  1. Apply the THERMOS software and its features for optimised energy system mapping and modelling
  2. Develop your own case studies with the tool
  3. Integrate results of the THERMOS software in urban planning processes
  4. Identify key district energy planning and financing methods
  5. Connect the role of local heating & cooling to dynamics of heat demand/supply in the EU
  6. Outline key concepts of stakeholder engagement for local thermal project planning
  7. Improve local energy and climate action planning

Not convinced yet it’s worth your time? Hear what THERMOS trainers and users have to say about the software here

Get started with THERMOS

Advance from theory to practice

Watch our Exercise videos, complete three THERMOS practical exercises and check your answers against our model answers.

Exercise 1: Planning & evaluating a project with THERMOS.
Clip for Exercise 1: Getting started
Model solutions: Exercise 1

Exercise 2: Optimising planning decisions
Clip for Exercise 2: Optimising network results
Model solutions: Exercise 2

Exercise 3: Modifying demand and network paths
Clip for Exercise 3: Modifying paths and demand
Model solutions: Exercise 3

Dive deep into energy planning and market dynamics

Improve your knowledge about the district heating & cooling sector, thermal energy demand and supply in Europe, relevant key stakeholders, and viable financing options in our additional Training material below.

You can either watch them as a video, or download them as pdf here.

Webinar 1: Thermal energy supply and demand in Europe
Test your knowledge with a short multiple choice questionnaire here.

Webinar 5: Heating and cooling market and finance
Test your knowledge with a short multiple choice questionnaire here.

Webinar 6: Stakeholders involvement for adopting THERMOS
Test your knowledge with a short multiple choice questionnaire here.

Join academic ranks

Need hard proof for all the claims we make above before spending your time? Read up on the science behind THERMOS in our academic publications on the tool

Get Inspired

Get inspired for what is possible with THERMOS by real case studies developed with THERMOS by previous Training participants.


For all those who made it to this stage of the text after having faithfully consulted all our material: You are really committed to supporting the roll-out of more energy efficient, low-carbon district energy solutions! We hope you find the THERMOS software to be a valuable tool to support you in this endeavour!

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