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THERMOS Train-the-Trainer Certification Programme

Soon to come: THERMOS Pathway D

- Pre-registration open -

Stay tune for the next training opportunity in fall 2020

Are you interested in conducting better heating and cooling planning supporting your local sustainable energy and climate action plans? Would you like to work with the THERMOS tool to enable a faster upgrade, refurbishment and the expansion of existing infrastructure or develop new networks in your town?

Did you say yes to all or any of those questions? Then pre-register now and make sure you will be the first to know about the starting date and schedule of Pathway D.

Pre-register now here.

In the meantime, read on to get a first introduction to the training, as well as the materials and cases developed for and by previous programmes and training participants.

What does it mean to be a certified THERMOS Trainer?

THERMOS Trainers are all those energy planning experts and stakeholders that completed all steps of our training and are thus fully confident to:

  1. Apply the THERMOS software and its features for optimised energy system mapping and modelling
  2. Develop preliminary case studies and complete basic planning exercises with THERMOS
  3. Train others to apply THERMOS
  4. Integrate results of the THERMOS software in urban planning processes
  5. Identify key district energy planning and financing methods
  6. Connect the role of local heating & cooling to dynamics of heat demand/supply in Europe
  7. Outline key concepts of stakeholder engagement processes for local thermal project planning
  8. Improve local energy and climate action planning

Trainers will receive a certificate, including a supplement document stating the obtained competences, skills and knowledge.

What do I need to do?

We are reworking our materials to get them up to speed with newest additions and features of the THERMOS software. Pre-register yourself here to get informed about the starting dates and schedule of the training as soon as its available.

Get introduced!

Pathway D might still be in the making, but you can already get started by having a look at our 10 min THERMOS demo video.

Re-watch our three recorded webinars on the THERMOS software from Pathway A, B and C:

Webinar 1: Energy system mapping and modelling with THERMOS
Download the presentation here.

Webinar 2: Embedding THERMOS in your city
Download the presentation here.

Webinar 3: Optimising thermal planning, resources and technologies with THERMOS in Warsaw
Download the presentation here.

Improve your knowledge about the district heating & cooling sector, thermal energy demand and supply in Europe, relevant key stakeholders, and viable financing options in our additional Training material below.

You can either watch them as a video, or download them as pdf here.

Webinar 1: Thermal energy supply and demand in Europe
Fill in the short multiple choice questionnaire on Webinar 1 here.

Webinar 5: Heating and cooling market and finance
Fill in the short multiple choice questionnaire on Webinar 5 here.

Webinar 6: Stakeholders involvement for adopting THERMOS
Fill in the short multiple choice questionnaire on Webinar 6 here.

Submitted all? Congrats, you are eligible for a full THERMOS certificate! Await good news in your inbox!

Get Inspired with THERMOS Case Studies

Get inspired for whats possible with THERMOS by real case studies developed with THERMOS by previous Training participants. 


For all those who made it to this stage of the text after having faithfully consulted all our material: You are really committed to become part of Pathway D and to roll-out energy efficient, low-carbon district energy solutions. Until the Training starts there is only one thing left to do: Do good and talk about it!

Let your colleagues, partners, customers and other peers know about the opportunity the THERMOS tool & free Training offers!

Find below helpful materials to spread the word and introduce your peers to the THERMOS software to work as a team!

For the sceptic

Need hard proof for all the claims we make above before spending your time? Read up on the science behind THERMOS in our academic publications on the tool, the THERMOS Baseline Replication Report (2018) from the eight THERMOS cities and hear from Trainers themselves about the programme and software on THERMOS Voices.


Any questions left unanswered? Interested in becoming more involved with THERMOS software or its partners? Contact us at